What Do You Bring To The Table?

What do you bring to the table? It seems like this question has become a popular one from men to the women they may want to potentially date. However, it seems as though the overall consensus from women (on the internet) have been that this is offensive. And I am wondering why? Is this really an offensive question or a valid dating question.

I am of the opinion that this is a valid question. I would not be offended if a man decided to ask me this question. If the vast majority of women, are dating with the hopes of entering a relationship that will eventually lead to marriage, they should want a man who is taking his future seriously. So why is this question so offensive? I think it comes down to three reasons.

1. She doesn’t know what she brings to the table. She may still be learning who she is or she has not even began to take the time to learn. This type of woman probably shouldn’t date until she takes the time to journey within. If you know who you are you should have no problem expressing to someone those great qualities you have that makes you a great catch.

2. She doesn’t respect the person that is asking. Its almost like why is someone who they may believe is beneath them even asking the table. and To that particular situation I would say why even waste your time with someone you don’t even respect. Find someone who you feel is more on you level or more established in the areas you feel are important to you.

3. She has a big EGO. Often times this will be disguised as confidence. But we all know the difference. She thinks she is the table and really she doesn’t even need you at all. And while confidence is sexy, ego is arrogance.

If a man asks this question ladies we should welcome it. This opens the door for you to ask him the questions that you may want to know before committing and wasting time in a relationship that isn’t right for you. Ask him what does he bring to the table. This is your time to find out what are his goals? Does his moral compass and beliefs align with yours? Does he know who he is? How is his relationship with his family? Does he want marriage? The question is not offensive and you should use the dating process to really interview him as he is interviewing you to see if you are a good fit.

The views expressed in this blog are my opinions. I am open to all opposing viewpoints however let’s all be respectful of each other. My thoughts are based on my life experiences as are yours and all have a place.

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