In recent days the internet has been set ablaze by the interview conducted by Gayle King with rap superstar Megan The Stallion. In an emotional interview, Megan recounts her experience the night that she was allegedly shot in the foot by Canadian rapper Tory Lanez. The part of the interview I would like to focus on is the question of whether or not Megan had a sexual relationship with Tory Lanez. I have seen many people comment and post tweets and memes on this part of the interview accusing Megan of lying about this fact. I have read many comments making parallels that if she would lie about the shooting she is also lying about the sex. I believe this is a situation of semantics. Gayle asked Megan directly “Did you have a sexual relationship with Tory Lanez?” to which Megan replied, “I didn’t have a sexual relationship with Tory”.

So . . . let's have an adult conversation. I believe that Megan may have had sex with Tory however, it wasn’t a sexual relationship. It is completely possible to be intimate with someone and not categorize it as a sexual relationship. Many of us (both men and women) have been in situations with a person where it’s just sex. Furthermore we hear men make these claims all the time. When a woman claims any form of a relationship they say no it's just sex. This is just semantics. A play on words and their meanings.

After taking a look at this from a different vantage point do you think that Megan lied or she played the game of semantics? Is it possible to have sex with someone and it not be a sexual relationship? And if you do have sex with someone multiple times, after how many times can it be considered a sexual relationship? Do both people involved have to consider it a sexual relationship for it to be one?

As always these are my personal thoughts on the situation and my way of providing a different perspective. Go be great and have the day that you deserve!!!

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