Fresh and Fit, Not For Us

Updated: Apr 30

The duo Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes of the Miami podcast known as Fresh and Fit are all over social media for their latest interview with Brittany Renner. In the newest viral clips Myron makes comments such as men only want sex and that women are not special. Earlier this month there was another clip of their podcast that had resurfaced where they made tasteless comments referring to women of color as “Shaniqua’s and Laquisha’s”. They went even further to add they “aren’t down with the brown, aren’t night riders, may deal with them if they are red bone, and they don’t dabble in the dark”.

At face value this is just them stating their preference, regardless of the problematic way in which it was stated. All opinions are valid whether anyone agrees with it or not. The bigger issue is why would ladies continue to consume content that isn’t for them. Their business model claims to give coaching to men in the fields of relationships, finance, and fitness. Ladies this is not for us. Furthermore, based on the content they put out, I am baffled why any women of color would listen or even be apart of their podcast. They make it abundantly clear that we are not their preference so truthfully any advice that they give, really isn’t for those of us that don’t fit their criteria.

I would even go a step further to say the men that consume and engage in their teachings are not for us. These type of men are not looking for serious committed relationships. Instead they are trying to figure out how to put in the least amount of effort to receive sex from the woman they are dealing with. Then once they get you into a relationship they want you to be ready to engage in sexual intercourse whenever they want to regardless of your wants and they want you to be ok with them stepping out of the relationship because they consider themselves to be “alpha” males.

Ladies if this isn’t the type of relationship that you are looking for or the kind of interactions with men that you want then why listen, comment and share this kind of content. It comes across as "pick me"-ish. As though you want to prove that you should be the preference or that, although you look like the demographic of women they don’t want, you are different. STOP this please. Instead listen to people that are speaking life into you. Engage with the content creators that are aligned with your life goals and love aspirations. We have to love ourselves more than the desire of wanting to be chosen by anyone. Women of color, we are better than this. Its 2022 and this behavior does not help to move us in a positive direction.


There are now photos from 2014 of Myron Gaines circulating the web embracing a male. Celebrity blogs are alleging that he has in some way been outed as an undercover man who likes or engages with men. Now we don't know this to be true so I won't comment on the validity of those accusations. I also wont be posting those photos because his true sexuality is not for me to question or figure out. However, I find it ironic that the men who spread this alpha male rhetoric and anti-woman propaganda are often publicly found in compromising positions. Yet again this is another reason for women to not listen and engage with these type of men. Any man who belittles and disrespects women on the daily is not actively trying to commit to a woman.

Thanks for reading. Go forward doing the work to be your best self and as always have the day that you deserve.

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