Accountability is better than Selective Breeding/Eugenics

For the past few days there has been much conversation amongst some YouTube content creators on the idea of whether or not black women should give birth to black children or black male babies. This has struck some controversy as there are views on both sides of the argument. While perusing through the comments I came across comments about selective breeding and I was intrigued. So let’s dive a little deeper.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of selective breeding is the process of “modifying the characteristics of living things especially to enhance one or more desirable traits by selection in breeding controlled by humans”. There are three types of selective breeding called line breeding, inbreeding, and outcrossing. These are all related to the breeding of animals and plants when it comes to either acquiring a specific set of genes or reducing the possibility of undesirable genes.

Now a few comments were saying that black women deciding not to have children with black men was selective breeding and this is false. What they meant was the term eugenics which is the idea of controlling who in the human population should be allowed to produce children so that only the best genes are passed on. Eugenics is split into two categories: positive eugenics and negative eugenics. Positive eugenics is encouraging people with good attributes to breed with other people who have similarly good attributes. Negative eugenics is discouraging people from procreating because they are deemed less desirable and inferior.

For context the content creator that brought this idea to the masses was Cynthia G. I enjoy the content that she creates and it is in its own way thought provoking. She seems intelligent, head strong and focuses on what she deems as the black male pathology. Her content is heavily saturated with encouraging black women to divest from the black man and essentially date outside of their own race. With that being said the content can come across as elitist, airing more on the side of negative eugenics.

I, like many others in the black community, understand that there are issues amongst our race but is the solution to not have children with black men. It seems to me that there is a level of accountability to be had across the black community as a whole (men and women) for the state in which we find ourselves. I don’t have the answer to all of our community issues but for me the answer does not lie in the eradication of black genes through eugenics. As a people let’s come together hold each other accountable so that we can build better communities for our generations to come.

Photo by João Paulo de Souza Oliveira from Pexels

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